How to Apply Makeup Professionally

Applying makeup has always been one of those things every woman is expected to know. The real truth is that so many women have no idea how to put on makeup correctly and to actually make an improvement to the way they look. If you were one of the lucky ones, then your mother probably showed you a few things here and there. But to be honest, she probably also had no real training in this subject.

Some of us had to pick up a few makeup tips here and there but never really had the opportunity to learn the right techniques. I am Anneke la Grange from the University of Makeup. In this book I take each aspect of makeup and start by discussing what we want to accomplish and how we’re going to accomplish it. By knowing the techniques in this book you will open a new world of confidence for yourself.

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You’re not only going to learn how to apply makeup correctly, you’re going to learn how to apply it professionally. You can use this knowledge just for yourself or take it further and start mentoring your friends and family. Maybe a new career is waiting for you…a career in being a professional makeup artist. You will be able to make yourself absolutely beautiful and also turn others into supermodels. This book is very extensive and for most people it may be a bit too much information.

Therefore, don’t try to learn everything at once. Take it step by step and remember the things that you find the most interesting. You will also find that there are practical steps in most chapters. We’ve actually filmed each tutorial and created a video course.


We have an online training course at UniversityofMakeup.com and there our members have access to the entire video course. So if you’re interested in not only having the training in an ebook format but also want to learn by watching the training videos, you can join us at the UniversityofMakeup.com.

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