The eSports scene is evolving, and professional gamers can not only make money with – gaming, but also win great prizes. Progamers train as professional athletes: they follow the practice schedule, work out the iron discipline, improve their cognitive abilites and mental attitude: The professional eSports teams usually have a psychologist and nutritionist. And the eSports coach works out a regular practice schedule for the team. Here we will take a look at some aspects of the practice routine of professional gamers if you are dreaming of a career as a cyberathlete and training as a single gamer.


Average gamers play games without any plans and schedules, and progamers consider gaming as an art work and sport. A right schedule will help you organize your day so there is time for practice, training and other activities which keep you mentally fit or help you relax. Yes, the right schedule should include different parts from regular practice hours to physical exercises, hobbies, and sleeping hours. To use your potential and stay concentrated during stressful eSports tournaments you need to be relaxed. If there is no balance between practice and your own time, it can lead to a burn-out.


As in any other field or discipline, you also need to constantly learn something new in cybersports. Modern games are being modified, and it is important to stay up to date and always inform yourself about new rules, skins, characters, and etc. To improve your strategic thinking do homework and watch streams of professional gamers who have alwys made their names in the eSports scene. You can learn much from progamers – from their tactics to mental attitude towards the game. It will give you new insights and thoughts. You can write down all the new insights you have learnt from streams or podcasts in your notebook and refresh your knowledge every time you start gaming. And constantly do research about games you practise in, it helps you stay on top.


To avoid burn-out is one of the most important things you must think about as a future progamer. Your schedule must be well-balanced and not only include seven, eight or ten training hours a day, but also include time for sport, relaxation and hobbies. Professional gamers who take part in big tournaments know it and have spare time. If you want to become a professional cyberathlete with a good career you must think strategically. And by the way, burn-out can not only take away your motivation for gaming, but have a negative effect on your health. There are some “professional” gaming complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrom and computer vision syndrom which can occur if you spend too many hours in a gaming chair. Some progamers even retire because of health problems. So, be careful and avoid overplaying.


Taking part in tournaments and staying concentrated for a long time requires much energy from gamers. So, it is very important to implement the right eating and sleeping habits in your daily routine if you want to turn gaming into your job. The nutrition must be well-balanced and contain all the important minerals and vitamins to provide your brain and body with energy you need. Sleeping routine has also a big role for you if you want to stay mentally and physically fit.


So, practising as a professional gamer is no different than practising in any other professional sport. To be successful on the way up to becoming a cyberathlete you need to stay concentrated and motivated. However, the life of progamer is very interesting and worth trying!

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