Miami car accident: What to do next?

Following a car accident in Miami, there is usually confusion and chaos. Who caused the accident? Was the crash preventable? If the other party was responsible for causing the mishap, can you seek compensation? Florida is a no-fault state, which means there are only a few situations when you can step outside the system and sue the at-fault party. What you do immediately after the incident also makes a big difference. Among other things, you need to consult a Miami car accident attorney to know your claim better. Below are the key steps that you need to follow right after the crash.

  1. Don’t run and call 911. No matter whether you were responsible for the accident or not, ensure that you stay at the scene. Alert 911, and you can get immediate medical attention. The local law enforcement would be notified, and you need to cooperate with the investigating officer.
  2. Get medical attention. If an ambulance didn’t arrive at the scene, don’t ignore your injuries and check with a trauma or injury doctor at the earliest. Let them know that you were injured in a car accident and ensure that everything that concerns your medical care and treatment is documented.
  3. Take evidence from the scene, if you can. If you are feeling okay and are capable of using the smartphone, take photos and videos of damaged vehicles, your injuries, and the scene. Check if there were obstacles on the road and take pictures of that too.
  4. Gather what you can. Talk to the other drivers involved in the crash and get their contact and insurance info. Check if there were witnesses to the accident and ask for their contact details too. Information shared by witnesses is available for insurance companies and juries alike.
  5. Don’t say too much. The insurance company will call you for a statement or make an offer. Regardless of what the claims adjuster says, remember that they are not on your side and should not be trusted. Also, do not apologize to anyone at the scene.
  6. Contact a lawyer. A proficient personal injury lawyer can help evaluate your car accident claim and ensure that you get a settlement that covers your damages. Most law firms in Miami won’t charge a fee to assess your case, which is also a good advantage.

Lastly, make sure that you don’t forget the essential details. Write down everything about the accident on paper.

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