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NetBase Quid Social Media Analysis Helps Marketers Understand the Followership, Reach, and Engagement Levels for Social Media Accounts

Social media analysis is the process of analyzing social media in order to gain valuable insights from social media data. In addition, social media analysis is also used to plan marketing and sales activities. Many social media analytics companies use the social media and marketing industry insights (SMXIR) to provide powerful social media marketing solutions.

Why NetBase Quid?

NetBase Quid offers an all-in-one social media analytics platform that offers a variety of social media monitoring, social listening, web analytics, and webinar solutions. It helps in understanding trends or behaviors on social networks to draw correlations, discern patterns, or find themes in the data. In more technical terms, it’s the ability to categorize, analyze, and visualize large data sets to discover patterns and relationships.

NetBase Quid turns the ever-growing tidal wave of social media data into clear, actionable insights for businesses. By analyzing all public tweets across different networks and platforms, they allow marketers and business leaders to connect the dots to discover trends and important information.

Social Media Trends

They provide all the tools to measure and analyze social trends in real time to develop competitive advantages. The social media industry can be broadly classified into two broad categories: the public and the private space. The private space covers individuals, while the public space is made up of businesses, industries, groups, communities, associations, and more.

The goals of private space are to inform individuals and businesses, while public space aims to collect information and share information with users in a controlled manner, which allows for the building of a greater community. NetBase Quid is among a handful of technology companies that leverage advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to drive better business decisions and aid the customer experience.

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Understand Customer Behavior

Social media analysis helps businesses understand customer behavior by monitoring the online conversation. The process uses real-time software that provides the most current social media information at any given moment. This information is displayed in a web browser or mobile application which allows users to understand customer behavior.

It is believed that social media is the most effective marketing tool since it creates a direct dialogue between businesses and their customers. By providing social media analytics, users can implement best practices and measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts. Social media analysis helps businesses understand, monitor and improve performance on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. It will aid your firm to:

  • Analyze campaign performance
  • Monitor ad performance
  • Proactively reach out to customers and monitor performance
  • Monitor their competitors
  • Spot audience segmentation

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What Are The Benefits?

The goal of social media analytics is to help businesses increase revenue, market share and revenue. NetBase Quid’s advanced Natural Language Processing technology enables businesses to extract the best insights from social media conversations. The insights are suitable for companies in a variety of fields. Social media analysis helps companies gain vital insights into how users interact and respond to brands.

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By extracting the key information in these conversations, businesses are able to craft valuable dialogue that influence customer perceptions, drive business actions, and build customer loyalty. The information conveyed via social media has great value and can tell you more about the brand and its target audience than ever before.

Learn About Audiences

Leveraging big data with social media analysis, social media marketing can help companies learn about what audiences are talking about, in which conversations and what they are reacting to. For example, more than three quarters of marketers use social media to help build awareness, acquire new customers and improve the performance of existing ones.

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Social media is the marketing tool of the future and the platform where consumers are spending a larger proportion of their time and energy than ever before. With this abundance of social data, businesses need tools that not only deliver information in the form of traditional market research reports but also empower leaders to better understand their customers and what drives them to take action.

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