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Finclusion Group AI is a neobank that is focused on offering financial solutions to companies, their employees, and their customers. They offer a variety of products and services to fit a company’s needs and they have the ability to integrate with other technologies to provide even more value to their clients. For more information, visit their website nameviser.

Rebranding to Fin

The Finclusion Group, a new breed of African neobank, announced that it has closed a $2 million round of funding. The company is also making a bet on the future of financial inclusion in Africa, which is expected to yield substantial returns in the near term. The round of financing was led by Lendable, which plans to use the funding to expand its reach in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The fin is a neobank which provides consumer loans to unbanked individuals, while also focusing on helping employers improve their bottom line. It has a footprint in five African markets including Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, and Ethiopia. As part of its grand plan to bring financial services to the masses, the company will open a second hub in West Africa soon.

The Fin inclusion group has a total capital base of $42 million, thanks to some clever fundraising by investors like Klemens Hallmann, Amandine Lobelle and Richard Aseme of RCA Ventures. Earlier this month, the Fin group announced it had raised an additional US$2 million to spur innovation.

Offering solutions for employees’ financial well-being

Fin inclusion group is one of the many companies that are making waves in the fintech space. It uses an AI algorithm to provide financial services to African customers. The company has a vision to become a cohesive fintech ecosystem in the region.

They are also known for their ability to create innovative and holistic financial solutions to help their customers make better choices with their money. Some of their offerings include financial planning software, on-site education, and a new insurance product.

Fin inclusion group has raised $2 million in equity financing. This financing will be used to expand their reach in Sub-Saharan Africa. By leveraging their own credit scoring models and their own data science capabilities, they are able to deliver innovative financial products and services to their customers.

A study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) revealed that employers are launching a number of financial wellness initiatives, such as offering educational tools and digital financial management solutions. In addition, employers are providing bonuses in the form of cash rebates, health insurance benefits, and 401k matching contributions.

Diversification into a neobank

Neobanks are digital-first financial companies that provide money management and financial software services. They also deliver traditional banking products, such as checking accounts and credit cards, to consumers who have avoided the services offered by brick-and-mortar banks.

The neobank model has a strong advantage over traditional banks. For example, it offers a superior customer experience. However, the business model must be adapted quickly. In order to do so, neobanks must diversify their revenue streams. Specifically, they need to convert customer affinity into profit.

One way to do this is to offer subscriptions. With subscription plans, consumers choose the value-add services they want. Subscriptions also make revenue streams more predictable. This enables neobanks to increase their monthly recurring earnings.

Another revenue stream is lending. Traditional banks generate revenue through ATM fees and interest rates on credit cards and other loans. Neobanks are able to earn money through interchange fees, a fee merchants pay when consumers swipe urdughr cards.


Finclusion Group, a digital financial institution, has received $20 million in funding to support the growth of its operations and products in Sub-Saharan Africa. The funding comes in the form of debt capital raise and a pre-Series A financing round. These funds were obtained through Lendable and local currency funds in Eswatini.

Finclusion is a financial technology company that offers financial solutions for employees through employer partnerships. It offers payroll loans and future wage loans. Through its relationships with employers, Finclusion has built credit histories for thousands of customers. This includes 28,000 active loans. Currently, Finclusion has five markets, including Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. In the future, it plans to open an administrative hub in West Africa.


Finclusion uses AI algorithms to deliver financial services to its customers. As a result, it has developed consumer-facing credit products that can be used by African consumers. Additionally, the company has worked with online monetary providers to offer an array of credit-centric products.


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