Tips For Modifying Your Child Support Order

The court considers various factors before announcing a child support order. However, sometimes a previously decided order may prove inconvenient to the paying parent. Things such as job loss, injury, or change in marital status can result in this issue. 

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When you feel the need to change your current child support order, you will need the help of a gig harbor child support attorney. Divorce matters can be complicated to deal with. There are various areas of family law that you are unaware of. Having an expert by your side can facilitate things. 

Tips for modifying your child support order

  • Act quickly.

If you cannot make child support payments because of affordability, you should act quickly. Pushing yourself and putting yourself in debt just to meet your domestic payment obligations will only result in more trouble. The court allows you to file a petition to modify a child support order. Therefore, do not hesitate to act quickly. 

  • Disagree on out-of-court modifications.

Nobody wants to go to court. It is time-consuming and expensive and disrupts your daily life. However, not going to court for something as important as a child support modification may cost you later. Even if you and your ex-spouse are on great terms, you should never agree on a “handshake” or verbal agreement. Always let the court decide what is best for both parties. 

  • Stay informed.

If you are a parent paying child support, you should be well educated on the laws surrounding this topic. Every state has different rules. So, make sure you keep yourself informed about your state’s laws particularly. The best way to stay aware and informed is to speak with a gig harbor attorney whenever you are in doubt. This will help you protect your rights and even prevent you from engaging in punishable offenses. 

  • Keep making the child support payments as long as you can. 

The court prioritizes the child’s life more than the parents’. You must make sure that you try your best to make the child support payments as long as possible. For example, if you have $1000 for a trip with your friends and no money left for child support, you should probably give up that trip. The court sees your efforts in making these payments. If you have already filed a modification petition, you should not pause the payments until the court’s decision. 

  • Keep evidence of the changes. 

If certain changes in your life have made it a struggle for you to make the child support payments, make sure that you keep evidence of that. For example, suppose you were terminated from a job and had to take up a lower-paying job. In this case, you need to show documentation of your termination.

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