Who is Liable for Accidents During Heavy Rainfall?

Rainfalls and snowfalls worsen road conditions, and the danger of accidents increases due to the bad weather. The determination of liability gets more complicated in these circumstances.

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Liability of drivers

Drivers are not responsible for the weather. However, they are legally obligated to maintain the duty of care to others. This implies that they must take the required measures to prevent road accidents or injury to other motorists on the road during rainy weather.

Drivers who do not take the necessary precautions while driving are held liable for any losses and injuries due to the accident. These are some of the following instances of driver negligence:

  • Not using headlights

The drivers are legally required to keep their headlights on if it is raining, regardless of the time. This is done to prevent accidents caused by decreased visibility during rainfall. By turning on their headlights, the drivers increase their visibility and help other motorists on the road to see their vehicles as well.

If the driver fails to turn on the headlights, they will be held liable for any losses caused by the accident. Along with that, they will be charged with fines, and their licenses may be revoked or suspended as well.

  • Hazard Lights 

Drivers are encouraged to drive with hazard lights in unfavorable weather conditions. In the event of rainfall or snow, the drivers must keep the hazard light on for the following reasons.

The other motorists on the road may be confused regarding the vehicle’s status and if it is stopped or moving. Hazard lights eliminate this issue.

In rainfalls, it gets considerably harder to see if the vehicle is taking brakes. Hazard lights are helpful in such cases.

  • Vehicle Maintenance

All the drivers are required to keep their vehicles in a good state. They must maintain them regularly to recognize any malfunction in the parts of the vehicle. The drivers must get the servicing done to prevent any accidents due to improper working conditions of the vehicle. It is vital to routinely change the tires as worn-out tires increase the risk of hydroplaning in rainy weather. This causes severe injuries and damage to the property.

  • Careless driving

The drivers are required to operate their vehicles so that no harm is caused to other people on the road. Drivers who intentionally engage in reckless driving will be held liable if an accident occurs. They will be required to compensate for any damage to property or injuries caused due to the accident. The law prohibits acts like speeding, distracted driving, tailgating, or driving under the influence. 

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