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As awareness continues to rise about the side effects of tobacco consumption and smoking cigarettes, many are moving towards vaping.  Being a safer option isn’t the only reason to jump ship and vape though.  Vapers all agree the wide variety of flavors is a taste worthy benefit to making the switch.  Listed below, are a few things to consider when looking into vaping flavors.

While some vapers land on one favorite flavor and never falter, many vapers enjoy trying different flavors.  Obviously, Menthol will always be a standby for most people, especially if they’re transitioning from tobacco.  Other popular flavors include Gummi Bear, inspired by the popular Gummi Bear shot, Cotton Candy, which tastes just like being at the carnival, and watermelon to name a few. It’s easy to tell with just one search that there are hundreds of flavors to try.  Every vaper has their own list of must-haves, as well as companies where they purchase their favorite flavors.

There are a few things to think about as you head out on the quest to find your favorite flavor.  The first of these is the flavor itself.  Follow your instincts.  You already know what flavors you like in general, this flows into vape flavors as well.  If you don’t like the taste of popcorn, picking a popcorn vape flavor probably isn’t the best choice. Some suggest starting with fruity flavors first, as most people have fruits on a daily basis, and the flavors actually help diffuse the smell of smoke.  There are plenty of flavors out there for that as well.  If you’re not certain about a flavor, just give it a chance!

A second thing to think about is the fact that different flavors may have varying amounts of nicotine.  It’s important to note, that with some brands and flavors, you may have the ability to choose your amount of nicotine.  Understanding how much flavor you prefer is just as important as the flavor itself.

You also need to consider bottle size.  There are some flavors that only come in certain sizes, making it tricky to sample if they only come in the larger size.  Different bottle sizes also mean different prices.  Obviously, when you’re wanting to try different flavors you’ll want to stick to cheaper brands until you find a few you like.  There are some companies that will allow you to sample vape juices without spending a dime, or offer sample packs for a bundled price.

The transition from smoking to vaping can be rough, especially when you’re trying to do it along.  Many experts agree though, it’s worth it.  Making it easier, are the variety of supports systems out there.  From the forums to the vape store staff, to your friends and family, know you’re not alone in your choice to vape.

It may take some time to find a device you like but with the large selection available you’re sure to find a good fit. Check out places like your local vape shed shop like Shosha to see what vaporesso product options you have.

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