HealthTap – A Review of HealthTap a Virtual Primary Care Clinic

HealthTap is a virtual primary care clinic that provides top-notch healthcare to people without insurance in America. Its services are both cost effective and convenient.

HealthTap’s platform connects members with a trusted long-term doctor for ongoing medical issues, preventive care and referrals. Plus, its network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors across 147 specialties provide free informational answers to HealthTap members’ health queries at no cost.


HealthTap is a virtual primary care clinic that offers affordable and high-quality healthcare to people of all ages and backgrounds. It provides urgent care, primary care, as well as mental health services.

HealthTap’s physicians are located in the United States and hold an unrestricted, active medical license with good standing. All are board-certified in primary care, with many also possessing board certifications in other specialties.

HealthTap provides 24/7 urgent and primary healthcare through text or video calls, diagnosing patients, prescribing medications, ordering lab tests, and making referral recommendations. Furthermore, they have extensive training in preventative health.

HealthTap memberships cost $15 per month and provide free texting with your online doctor, video appointments for $39 or urgent care visits with the first available online doctor at $59; it also has access to over 90,000 doctors from 147 specialties who answer questions submitted by members at no charge.

HealthTap’s app not only offers medical advice, but it also features an AI-augmented symptom checker to help members diagnose what might be wrong and whether they should visit a doctor. All customer data is securely stored within the app and can be shared with multiple providers at once.


HealthTap, a virtual primary care clinic, offers video consultations with doctors that are accessible 24/7. Members can submit questions via text message and receive responses within 24 hours.

This company provides affordable and accessible health services to everyone, regardless of insurance plan or level of medical expertise. It offers primary care, urgent care, as well as online therapy.

HealthTap not only offers video appointments, but it also has an extensive library of doctor-answered questions and an AI-powered symptom checker to help members better comprehend their symptoms. Furthermore, you can store all your medical records – including lab records, prescriptions, and consultation notes – within the app.

The company provides a range of subscription plans, such as the Prime one which includes unlimited visits at a discounted rate. Patients may also purchase one-time consultations for $44 or $59 depending on their individual requirements.


HealthTap is a virtual primary care clinic that allows users to book appointments with their doctors via video or text-based sessions. Furthermore, the service gives access to its knowledge base containing hundreds of thousands of doctor-answered questions as well as free question submission services.

The platform has earned rave reviews and boasts that it provides convenient, low-cost, and high-quality care. Its app is available for both Android and iOS devices, with members using an AI-powered symptom checker to determine whether they need medical help before booking a session.

HealthTap not only offers doctor-based care, but they collaborate with health plans to offer digital primary care services for employees. By combining HealthTap’s digital capabilities and Cerner’s workforce health services, employers can give their workers access to U.S.-based board-certified physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week on demand – helping reduce urgent care visits and emergency room visits.


HealthTap is a virtual primary care clinic that provides top-quality physician care to anyone in the US with or without insurance. Its proprietary technology enables patients to book appointments instantly and on demand.

HealthTap physicians are US-based, board-certified doctors from all specialties and practice settings. Their credentials have been thoroughly verified through an extensive credentialing process.

One of the primary advantages of the platform is that it enables individuals to have a live video session with a doctor at no charge. This provides an invaluable service for both patients and doctors alike.

The service also provides members with access to generic medications at significantly reduced costs than brand-name meds from traditional doctors’ offices, according to the company. This could save them a substantial amount of money over time.

HealthTap provides members with a range of other services and tools for their personal health and well-being, such as health information, diagnosis, prescriptions, and treatment plans.

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