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How do you create a business plan?

There aren’t many entrepreneurs who begin their own company and then decide to write an enterprise plan for use. This is definitely a mistake since a properly written business plan, paired with a high-quality logo created using Turbologo is an indication of the business and help you determine costs and oversee the business.

Do you think your company needs an operating plan?

People who are trying to create their own business as well as active entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that a business plan was designed to meet the requirements of investors who are interested in seeking funds to run your own company. However, the business plan is an important instrument for the entrepreneur. It will help him define the goals of his business and formulate a plan that will help him reach these goals. The business plan could serve many roles:

  • Planning allows for the creation of the goals that are that are set for the company
  • Controlling enables the analysis of objectives set and the outcomes achieved. It allows you to determine whether the company is meeting its objectives;
  • Informational – It can be a resource of details for investors, lenders as well as business associates.

The format of a business plan is largely determined by the reason to which it is written. It may take the form of a business plan in the event that it is designed to be used by the business owner or for a specific purpose, and another for when it’s to be presented to a banker or investor in the future. It is nevertheless possible to identify the essential elements which every business plan should include.

The structure in the Business Plan

Project description (summary)

It is the most significant component that should be included in the overall business plan however, it must be completed at the end , after all the components have been completed. The executive summary should be designed in as to entice the prospective investor to look over the entire document. It must grab the attention of an investor with just one sentence.

Make sure you write down the main reasons for the reason why this business plan developed Determine the quantity and the allocation of the necessary material, financial and human resources, and provide the primary numbers along with financial indicator. Additionally the general description of the services or products and the skills of the business owner and experience or the resources required to carry out the plan must be mentioned. It is also worthwhile to highlight benefits over present competitors, etc.

Characteristics of the company

This section provides information about the company, i.e. its name, the legal format in which it operates or will be operated and address information as well as a brief introduction of its owners, as well as a the history of the business itself. It is a good idea to display any distinctions, awards, or certificates the company or its owner holds. Also, you should briefly describe the mission and purpose of the business.

Specific characteristics of the business

It is essential to describe the concept of business for the business, as well as an in-depth description of the purpose of its business (depending on whether it’s an enterprise that provides services, manufactures selling or sales, etc.). The product is described by the description of its characteristics and the way it is different in comparison to other goods. It is explained the method of distribution, and the type of technology employed for its manufacturing.

It is also important to mention the entrepreneur’s copyrightsand trademarks, patents and other rights. The same goes for the types of services offered should be stated.

  • The persona of their recipients will be defined;
  • Differentiating the features of these services from the market
  • Their value for the customer.

Internal working environment (employees and managers)

The effectiveness and performance of businesses is determined by the people. So, it’s worth discussing here both the qualifications of employees and management organization structure, the incentive and remuneration system of employees, the division of responsibilities and the learning system.

The external environment (market analysis)

The section on the business plan details the setting within which the business operates. What market is it operating in (it is worthwhile to study the behavior of this market, its as well as its trends, developments and segmentation). It is also important to define and analyze the competition on the market. It is also worthwhile to analyze and incorporating the characteristics of prospective customers (why they’ll be attracted to the service or product and what their needs are and requirements, etc.). This section could perform a SWOT assessment (an study of your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the market, it could be an entirely distinct section in the business plan) and sales forecasts, which will provide an estimate of market share, and outline the expected obstacles to entry into any market.

Marketing, advertising and sales principles

In the beginning, you must explain the planned strategies for advertising and campaigns, a budget for advertising strategies for contacting customers, distribution strategies such as price discounts, ways for obtaining business partners etc. Then, plan the methods of payment, as well as after-sales support. Analyzing financials

This is certainly an extremely vital elements in the plan for business that will determine the success of the whole project. It must include the plan for investment along with projected sales of the goods or services, as well as the expenses that must be incurred in order to reach the goals.

The financial analysis must comprise:

  • A balance sheet
  • Account for profit and loss;
  • Statement of cash flow;
  • Break-even analysis;
  • An inventory of assets that are fixed.

The schedule of events

It is important to plan the activities schedule in depth because only the complete realization of the intended goals following the established program of work can allow the full carrying out. It is recommended that the plan should be prepared for at least five years. It is essential to outline your company’s objectives as well as the deadlines expected to reach these goals, in addition to outline the methods to accomplish the objectives and identify the variables which could impact their accomplishment.

Every business plan must be supported by other documents, including the findings of market studies, job descriptions, contracts signed by executives, CVs as well as patent information, a list of institutions who are co-financing the entrepreneur’s other ventures or other ventures.


A business plan isn’t an encyclopedia that is full of valuable information. However, it is not necessary to be boring, since nobody would desire to read it. A business plan is an outline and an compass that shows the correct path and direction for growth. It’s a document that outlines the business’s operations and provide strategies to reach your goals, as well as an evaluation of their efficiency.

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