How To Take Care Of Skin This Summer

The summer months are almost here, and people are ready to shed their warm winter woolens for something flimsy. It also means your skin will get the first kiss of the sun as you think of spending days stretched out in the sun deck browsing and betting on sports events at betFIRST. As you plan to spend your time in the sun, note the below points before you go all in skimpy shorts and vests.

Hydrate Yourself

Drink adequate water to keep your system clean and fresh. Your skin will need to be fresh. Have enough water, and if you don’t like just plain water, go for fruits and vegetables rich in water like watermelon, cucumber, tomato, and kale. Your skin might feel dry if you spend a lot of time shuffling between AC interiors and dry or humid exteriors. Hence, it is necessary to wash your body with an antibacterial cleanser. Take a bath in lukewarm water and moisturize yourself.

Cleanse Yourself Often

If you are bathing in the sea or the local swimming pool, make sure to cleanse yourself in clean water. It will keep your sweat glands clean and remove any blockage. It will also prevent rashes from appearing. Prickly heat and heat rashes are common here.

Prep Up Your Skin Before Beach Day

Yes, if you use regular workday skincare, you need to use more caution for the beach. You must look for giving special attention to the skin, on your body and face. But what will you do about the rest of the exposed parts of the body like nape, chest, feet, ears, and arms? Many people believe in carrying a higher SPF sunscreen lotion. Yes, they are good, but you should apply the same liberally and avoid these spots.

Protect the Skin at all times

Over-exposure to the sun is quite harmful, and if you do not want to take any risk, go for the protection at all times. It will include protection with a sun barrier and some broad-spectrum protection. Look for moisturizing. Have an SPF 100 if you plan to stay outdoors. Also, go for the ones daily to avoid any formation of crow’s feet and wrinkles along with any other signs of aging. These can also be a problem you might want to avoid.

Exfoliation Once a Week

Many people tend to ignore the process of doing exfoliation. Do it once or twice a week, which can ease reviving your skin. However, if you have sunburn, try to avoid it immediately. Let the skin heal, and then go for exfoliation. This process, however, exfoliates the skin and reduces the chance of appearance.

Wear Cotton and other Breathable Fabrics

The best way to stay with great skin this summer will be by wearing cotton clothes or loose outfits made with other fabrics.

These are some of the best ways to take care of your skin and keep it glowing.

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