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Kitchen Renovation and Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

However, the theme of wall decoration is not the most important thing to hit in a kitchen renovation, for example, because the stove or sink is not as practical as it means something. But the urgent part of a hilarious rally and kitchen is so. Capacity and normal light outweigh everything else on the wall, but when it comes to kitchen wall decoration, there are many ways to save. That’s why we have put together our top kitchen suppliers android app ideas to focus on when renovating your kitchen.

Veggie Still Life Collection

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The characteristic stone back wall followed by an insulating frame allows artwork, wall lamps, and mannequins to be safely displayed above the scattering zone. The dark green splash contrasts with the dark green navy cabinet peeking through the lower right corner. If you don’t know what to do in the kitchen, you can always count on the delivery theme.


You can cover the office with chalk paint for notes and updates. It can also be used as a material for joints according to the present invention.

Hanging Pots

Are you forced to store your pots and workouts outdoors due to limited space? Hanging cookware can be further enhanced with differentiated craftsmanship and a bright blue background (these cast iron pigs are also attractive!).

A Mirror

Between the Hermann series and the hood, you can add a custom metal rack to store small items and a mirror to make the room look bigger.

Uneven floating shelf display

Very smooth concrete decks, hardened steel counters and backsplashes, and dark stone islands may feel warm from the red stools and wood surface, but the wall decoration theme is the finishing touch to the kitchen. Can bring. Since it is installed only on a small part of the wall, the drift rack has a good appearance.

A Cubby Display

Assuming the kitchen walls are fixed by windows, you need to add a nice treatment that doesn’t block the light, like a bistro curtain. This gives you a more private style, whether you have limited wall space to hang things. If you leave the shelves uncovered, it’s a good idea to display a small work of art behind the coating. It also protects it from splashes.

Insightfully Scaled Artwork

You can decorate end-to-end shelves and compartments with nice things and hide unattractive basics in your closet. The rest of the wall is reinforced with scenes to make the room look bigger.

A Clock

You can use all the appropriate wall space in the kitchen. A triplet of three layers of objects outlines the opening, and the clock brings the charm of the Old World.

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