LEED GA Exam; How Is Taking It Beneficial For An Interior Designer?

Taking the LEED GA exam can be a difficult process, however, as there is a continuous rise in demand for LEED-certified professionals in the construction industry, you can see how the process can be significantly rewarding. This is why more and more people are sitting for the exams each time. How does being a LEED-certified professional benefit you as an interior designer?

What LEED Means

LEED is an acronym which stands for leadership in energy and environmental design. It is an internationally recognized body that rates how eco-friendly and safe construction projects are. Areas they focus on include waste management, construction materials and resources, and use of water and energy among other things.

A LEED Certified Interior Designer

Studies have shown that we spend about 90% of our life indoors, it is thus important that whatever we have in our homes, offices, or place of business are safe for our health. This is why the need for LEED-certified interior designers has increased in recent times.

There are many ways an interior designer could use LEED knowledge to benefit his clients. For one, they could point out to their client which of their home appliances or products emits chemicals that are harmful to their health. They could also help their clients save money on utility bills by implementing energy-saving techniques and products in their homes.

A LEED-certified interior designer would also help improve the health and wellness of the community by using eco-friendly materials in their jobs.

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Becoming A LEED Accredited Professional

An interior designer who has successfully sat for the LEED GA exam can decide to take the next step and become a LEED accredited professional. How does becoming a LEED accredited professional benefit an interior designer? Consider the following

  • Increase In Demand

As stated at the onset of this article, there is a rising demand for workers who are professionals in using eco-friendly products and methods in their line of work. Statistics have shown an increase in the proportion of construction jobs that the green-construction industry would account for going forward. To top it off, as at 2018, there were only about 200,000 LEED certified professionals in the globe. So do the math anyway you like, you’d always arrive at demand being higher than supply.

  • Serve As Consultants

Many people are now seeing how beneficial it is for them to go the green way, both health and finance wise. Thus,  they are turning to LEED-certified professionals to advise them on what sustainable materials and products to use in construction projects.

  • Make The Community A Better Place

The knowledge and skills you’ve acquired while preparing for the LEED GA exam put you in a better position to make the world a better place to live. Granted, this knowledge helps you make a living and saves your client some bucks, but you’d definitely feel a greater satisfaction knowing that your actions are impacting the public positively.

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