Room Planning for Beginners: Useful Apps

If you want to get outstanding design results, you have to plan everything in advance. You don’t need to start painting your living room only to find out that the colors do not match the rest of the design. To avoid any regrets and to save money on expensive decorators, you can try digital room planning tools. No matter whether you want to revamp your entire house or just refresh one room, the app will be incredibly helpful.

Apps for Planning

You may start with floor planning, taking measurements, and even deciding where to build more walls. If you want to plan the entire space, these apps might be helpful. Many of them are free of charge and others are pretty affordable for anyone:

  • MagicPlan. This app works on both Android and iOS. It helps you to create a plan for your future floor based on the photo you take. You don’t even need a measuring tape. This app is perfect for newbies who don’t have any experience in floor plan making;
  • Room Scan Pro. This is an iOS app for $4.99. It scans the space you need and builds the floor plan. All you need is to hold your phone until you hear the signal;
  • Floor Plan Creator. This is an Android app that has free of charge basic features, as well as in-app purchases. It builds a 3D model of your future room. This app works also reveals the required measures of your future furniture;
  • Planner 5D. The app works well on both Android and iOS devices. It provides you with plans for your future room. There are 4000 furnishing options it can reveal. If you want to use additional items, you have to buy them in the app.Read More About:

Designing Apps

Once you’ve planned the floor, you can start thinking about design. There is a wide range of apps that might be helpful for you. You may start with the most popular options:

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  • Room Planner. This app works on Android and iOS mobile phones, as well as Windows and Mac devices. It offers you a 3D plan of your room which you can furnish as much as you want. If you don’t know what to do that, simply follow the app’s recommendations;
  • Room Creator. This is an Android app with in-app purchases. It offers you quick solutions, building new Interior designers In Kochi, including floor patterns, wall colors, and décor. You have to open the room’s dimensions for this app;
  • Home Design 3D. The app is available on Android. There is a free basic version and advanced Gold Edition that costs $4.99. The app is user-friendly and provides your design ideas up to small details. There is a 3D printing feature available;
  • Amikasa. Amikasa has Android and iOS free-of-charge versions. The app is award-winning with a high rate from users. You can create room layouts there using the furniture and a wide range of home decorations from modern brands. You can check out how these objects will look like in your room before ordering them;
  • Rooms. This is an iOS app that is free of charge. Yet, you have to pay $3 if you want to save the designs of your room. After the dimensions of your room are downloaded, you can try numerous design solutions, including changing colors of the walls and floor, changing materials, and new furniture.

Top Ideas for Your Room

Since almost all of these apps are free of charge, you can download all of them on your devices. Find out which design is the most suitable for you and plan your rooms in advance. You don’t have to start painting the walls before you create a perfect plan for your dream house.

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