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Tiger global is one of the most well known brands in the world today. The company has made some big investments over the years, and a few of those investments have been in the tech industry. One of the companies that they have invested in is called Flutterwave. Another is Union54. Both companies are very important in the internet world.


Tiger Global has been a major player in the Indian startup scene over the past few years. In fact, the company has been the top dog in the fintech space as well. It is estimated that Tiger has invested over twenty unicorns in the region.

While the firm’s latest fund, the 42m series, is still under wraps, it is already clear that the fund is doubling down on fintech. One of the companies it has invested in is Float, an Indian e-commerce startup. This is in addition to its investments in fintechs Flutterwave and Union54.


Vecmocon is a deep-tech electric vehicle solutions company that aims to empower original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the technology to build connected, intelligent vehicles. The company provides a range of solutions from battery management systems to vehicle intelligence modules. It also manufactures motor controllers, chargers, and instrument clusters. These products are critical to EVs, and are already used by over 5,000 vehicles.

Vecmocon has a strong presence in the U.S., Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. In addition to the core EV components, Vecmocon also offers a range of solutions to EV manufacturers, including the ability to design and integrate cloud-based EV software. Vecmocon is focused on three-wheelers, light EVs, and tractors.


If you’ve been paying attention, you might have seen that Tiger Global has backed four African fintech startups in the past year. These include South African e-commerce company Takealot, Congo-based crypto startup Jambo’s, Nigerian neobank Kuda, and Zambian card-issuing fintech Union54.

The company has a lean team, with a few people working out of the country and one in Europe. They are averaging 50 percent month-over-month revenue growth, and the company has achieved a ten-fold increase in the number of virtual debit cards it has issued to its customers.


Float is a Toronto company with a hefty swagbag of funding. Their corporate card solution has earned them hundreds of new customers. In fact, they are one of the top FinTech companies in Canada. They have also made the most of their presence by adding mobile receipt capture to their arsenal of features.

One of the smartest things that Float has done is take the credit card out of the picture, thereby eliminating the need for personal guarantees from the company leaders. The company is also working on a feature to manage expenses for individual teams, as well as a more streamlined process to close books faster.


Flutterwave is a leading African fintech startup that has secured more than $225 million in funding. The company has also recently launched its first e-commerce platform, Flutterwave Store. This new product enables African merchants to sell online. It helps over 20,000 merchants sell to over 30,000 customers.

Flutterwave’s expansion plans for the upcoming year include launching its payments services in the U.S. and Canada, as well as growing in the U.K. and Middle East.

In addition, Flutterwave plans to expand its operations in French-speaking Africa. Currently, the startup’s headquarters are in Lagos, Nigeria. But it is considering establishing offices in Morocco and Egypt.

tiger global’s earliest investments on the continent were in consumer internet companies

Tiger Global is a reputable venture capital investor that has made numerous investments in some of the world’s leading companies. Its portfolio includes companies like Falcon X, CoinSwitch, Groww, and Public. However, it has been criticized in its early years.

Tiger’s recent $10 billion fundraising round is just the beginning. The fund plans to invest in dozens more startups over the next decade.

This venture capital fund specializes in investing in early stage companies. They also have a large focus on fintech. Their recent investments include the connected fitness company Peloton.

tiger global’s fast decision-making has largely remained intact

Tiger Global has been one of the most active lead investors in startup funding deals this year. The firm has invested in 118 companies so far. It has also led a number of seed and Series A rounds. In addition, it has made a large number of secondary purchases.

Tiger Capital invests in startups across the globe. For example, the fund has invested in Float, Groww, and Robinhood. And, it has been a lead investor in a series of funding rounds for digital lending platform Blend.

Tiger Capital is known for fast decision-making. As a result, the fund often outsources its due diligence to a firm like Bain. This helps the fund move faster and reduces its fixed cost. However, the fund’s hands-off approach can lead to founders souring on the firm’s decisions.

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