Surprising Causes Of A Car Accident in Philadelphia

Car accidents can be challenging to deal with. For instance, there are several procedures involved after a car accident. The victim must contact the police, seek medical help, inform the insurance company, and consult a car accident lawyer Philadelphia. Such procedures can be complex and time-consuming to deal with. 

In scenarios like these, the victim must ensure to prioritize medical support. Recovering from the accident is one of the most crucial aspects. If neglected, the severity of injuries and damages can significantly rise. However, one can also predict and prevent car accidents by being aware of the common cause of accidents listed below. 

  • Driver fatigue

Drivers can tend to get tired after driving for long hours or distances. While being tired is an innocent activity, it could become deadly for other drivers on the road. Drowsy driving has accounted for almost 5% of the total car accidents in a year

The number represents nearly millions of accidents. Unfortunately, the numbers can likely rise over the coming years. It would be best if you did not drive when you are tired. It could help you avoid an accident and save others from being hurt. 

  • Weather 

When driving under adverse conditions, weather-related accidents could occur. These conditions range from operating in the rain, fog, snow, etc. While most people understand that driving under bad weather conditions is not suitable, the number of weather-related accidents is dangerous. 

It would be most helpful for you to avoid driving in adverse weather conditions. The driver’s vision and ability to drive safely fluctuate in unfavorable weather conditions

  • Smartphones

Smartphones have become one of the most significant sources of distractions while driving. Many drivers neglect the importance of focusing on the road instead of texting or calling while going. Teenagers and each age group have become addicted to their phones, even when driving. 

Accidents caused due to cell phones mainly consist of rear-end accidents in the parking lots. The damages and injuries might seem minor. Although, the intensity of crashing on the road or highway while using your phone can result in severe conditions

  • Distractions 

Car accidents in Philadelphia can also occur due to distractions. Such distractions could be talking on cell phones, eating while driving, talking to other passengers in the car, adjusting the radio or music, etc. 

It would be advisable to avoid these distractions at all costs. A simple step of avoiding distractions can result in drastic savings. Preventing such an accident will save you from paying hefty medical bills, lawyer fees, etc. 

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