Truck accident in Cedar Rapids: Here’s why you need a lawyer

Mishaps and traffic accidents involving commercial trucks and semi-trucks in Cedar Rapids often lead to traumatic outcomes. These huge vehicles ply the roads of Iowa all the time and are often overloaded. If you were injured in such a truck accident, you should get a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer on your side right away. In this post, we are discussing the complexities involved in such cases. 

You have limited time

For most personal injury lawsuits, the statute of limitations has set a deadline of two years. However, it doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to file a truck accident lawsuit. Trucking companies are huge organizations with vast financial resources at their disposal. If you don’t act and gather evidence right away, you may have a hard time proving your case. Because you are already grappling with injuries and need to focus on your recovery, you should let an injury lawyer take over. 

Trucking accidents are complex

Investigating a semi-truck crash takes much more work than a standard traffic accident. The trucking industry is highly regulated, and these companies are expected to adhere to both state and federal regulations. There could be multiple parties at fault too. Besides the trucker and the trucking company, the loading/cargo company or the vehicle manufacturer could be a potential party to your truck accident lawsuit. Having an attorney allows you to focus on all aspects of the case from day one. Also, the trucking company can get rid of the truck wreck evidence in six months, which will only add to your woes. 

You may have to go to trial

Insurance companies working for trucking businesses are huge corporations that will do what it takes to deny claims or reduce the settlements. If your claim is denied or when the settlement offer doesn’t justify your losses, you may have to go to trial. These companies hire top lawyers, and if you don’t have an experienced injury lawyer on your side, arguing your case could be an uphill task. 

If hiring a lawyer for the first time, ensure they have experience handling truck accident lawsuits. They should be able to take on large insurance companies and their prominent lawyers with confidence. Also, you don’t have to pay the truck accident lawyer immediately. Once you recover money from the at-fault side, your lawyer will charge a share of the settlement as their final fee. 

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