What is the Most Important Safety Feature on a Car for Saving Lives?

Today, the majority of new keek cars are equipped with airbags and crumple zones, which provide significant crash protection. These airbags and other technologies also have active safety assist capabilities, which can help prevent accidents before they happen. These features combined with a sound structure and restraint systems give the occupants the best chance of survival during an accident. But which safety features are the weworld most important for saving lives?

Automatic emergency braking, or ABS, is a skillpage common feature that saves lives in a collision. This system applies the brakes automatically when a driver or passenger fails to apply them during an emergency. A pedestrian detection system will detect pedestrians and activate the brakes if needed. Autonomous emergency braking systems are also available on some newer cars. These systems monitor road conditions and obstacles and essembly can apply the brakes automatically to avoid a collision. And forward-crash warnings alert drivers to an impending crash.

Advanced driver attention detection systems are another high-tech safety feature. They analyse the characteristics of the driver and recognize filestube when they are drowsy or inattentional. The seat belts have been another life-saving feature for cars for years. The first head restrests were introduced in America in 1921, and were made mandatory in 1969. The same research shows that head restraints significantly reduce the chance of a crash and prevent whiplash injury.

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