Do you need a divorce attorney in Columbus?

Ohio has unique divorce laws. In all other states, a divorce and a dissolution of marriage mean the same, but not here. If you and your spouse have managed to sort key issues and have drafted a separation agreement and other paperwork, you would have a dissolution of marriage. Think of this as a form of uncontested divorce. A divorce in Ohio happens when one party disagrees with the divorce or any matter concerning the separation. The question here is whether you should hire a divorce attorney in Columbus. In this post, we are sharing the circumstances, and reasons why lawyering up is most appropriate.

Your divorce attorney can help negotiate

Just because you are ending the marriage doesn’t mean it has to be an ugly battle in court. In fact, most divorces don’t need to end up becoming messy for everyone involved. If you and your spouse don’t agree on things like child custody, child support, alimony, and distribution of assets, consider talking to your divorce attorney, who can mediate and negotiate. When two experienced lawyers are sorting issues, solutions come easy.

You could end up spending more in the long run

If you think that hiring a divorce attorney is an expensive option, think again. More often than not, people end up making mistakes that not only delay the process but also create additional hassles. With a skilled lawyer, you don’t have to worry about most things, including the paperwork. Also, if yours is a simple divorce with not many complications, the divorce attorney would charge a flat fee or an affordable hourly rate. On the contrary, your mistakes could cost your interests and rights.

You wouldn’t have an edge in court

You may believe that the judge would be nicer to you because you don’t have a divorce attorney and are representing yourself. Ohio divorces that end up in court often become an aggressive battle between spouses, and you wouldn’t want to face it all alone. Hiring a lawyer ensures that you are prepped for the trial and have enough evidence and witnesses to support your case.

A divorce attorney can offer objectivity

When you want everything and are not willing to come down or negotiate, hiring a divorce attorney will help. Lawyers know what it takes to find creative solutions and can also help you understand things from a new perspective.

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