Hiring Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers: A guide for claimants!

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are far too common in Bakersfield. California is a fault state. If you were injured in an accident where the vehicle driver was clearly negligent, you must seek a settlement for your injuries. Although not mandatory to pursue a claim, lawyering up is a good idea. Here are some aspects to know about hiring Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers

What can an attorney do for you?

A significant number of pedestrian accidents result in serious injuries and fatalities. Insurance companies, sadly, do not care for victims. These are companies working to make money, and any settlement they pay is an addition to their losses. To fight your battle, you must hire an attorney. Your lawyer can – 

  1. Evaluate the worth of your claim
  2. Find factors that can impact your case and settlement 
  3. Determine fault and liability in the pedestrian accident
  4. Help with the claims process and related paperwork
  5. Gather police reports and witness statements
  6. Talk to accident reconstruction experts and medical professionals, if needed
  7. Evaluate the legal options and decide about legal strategy
  8. Help you with your questions

Most attorneys don’t charge a fee for the initial review and assessment, and you only pay a fee when you win a settlement. 

How to find a reliable lawyer in Bakersfield?

If you know people who have worked with injury lawyers, you can get references. It is also wise to consider online listings on Google and law websites like Justia and Nolo. You can ask a few questions to compare your options too – 

  1. How long have you been a pedestrian accident lawyer?
  2. Have you worked on comparable lawsuits?
  3. What is your experience with common pedestrian accident cases?
  4. Do you expect the case to go to trial?
  5. If yes, do you have prior courtroom experience?

It is best to work with an attorney you can trust for their work. Don’t shy away from discussing things that bother you. 

Things to know

If you have a share in the fault, you can still win your pedestrian accident lawsuit as California follows the pure comparative fault rule. Let an attorney take over and negotiate the settlement for you. Top lawyers can improve your chances of getting fair compensation, and more importantly, they know when to take the matter to court and wouldn’t stop at anything until you win. 

Call a pedestrian accident lawyer right away and get advice for your potential case. You can always get a free consultation session. 

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