Mistakes That Can Risk Your Car Accident Case

If you are injured in a car accident, you are allowed to pursue compensation. But, some people risk their claims by making mistakes that can be easily avoided if they are careful. Even if you are unsure about pursuing a claim, it is best to have every option in your hand before you have no choice. Contact an attorney from Groth & Associates who will help you represent yourself to get the compensation you deserve.

Mistakes that can risk your car accident case

  • Admitting fault

Admitting fault can devastate your claim even if you think you are at fault for the accident partially. If you are in a pure negligence state, you will be barred from recovering any compensation if your negligence contributes to the accident. Even though it is important to stay honest, some people actually admit fault when they are not. Discussing your case with an attorney before accepting your fault to the insurance company or other driver is recommended. 

  • Failing to seek medical help

Due to the modern safety features in cars, injuries resulting from accidents are much less severe than they used to be. But you can still suffer severe injuries from whiplash, internal organ damage, nerve damage, concussions, or other injuries that are not visible immediately. Some people think they are okay after the accident and do not see a doctor. Even if you are not fully healed, you must have your medical documentation in order to claim compensation. Your personal injury lawyer will help you gather the medical documentation you need. 

  • Not following the prescribed treatment

Your car accident can disrupt your life and make your life difficult by missing work or attending physical therapy. But, if you cannot follow your doctor’s order, your insurance company can use it against you to argue that you were not as injured as you claimed to be. Therefore, following your doctor’s prescribed treatment and orders is critical.

  • Quickly settling your claim.

The insurance company will try to settle the claim as soon as possible, often before you know the full extent of your wounds. But, accepting the quick settlement will waive all future claims, which means you can not seek extra compensation if you have future medical bills or lost income that is not covered by the settlement. Your personal injury attorney will review your claim and determine whether the claim is fair enough.

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